Relationship Reflection

I believe that all living things have socio-emotional needs and relationships are one way to meet those needs.  Good relationships, and the key word being good, are important because they provide positive companionship, help, support, strength, encouragement and love.

I truly believe that I am blessed to be surrounded by people whom I believe God has placed in my life.  As in all relationships, we give and we take from one another, but more importantly we are always there for one another meeting various socio-emotional needs based on the type of relationship we share.  Some special relationships I share with individuals in my life are: that between my mother and my myself; my father and myself; my wonderful husband and myself and all four of my wonderful children and myself—these are just to name a few!

My relationships with both of my parents are positive.  I have always been able to count on them for support; even in matters I’m sure they were certain I would end up regretting my decision, or even when they knew certain interests wouldn’t last.  We share love—unconditional; they have helped me in times I needed someone to provide me with guidance and they provide me with encouragement—I was always told that I can do and be anything I wanted to as long as I work hard at it.  As an adult, even though I am still the “child” in the relationship, I have had many opportunities to provide my parents with the same support, encouragement, love and help that they have given to me and still do give to me.

My relationship with my husband provides both of us with companionship—someone to talk to, laugh with, hold hands with, hug, share deep thoughts and feelings with…..the list could go on and on! We also provide each other with help and strength when we need that shoulder to lean on; help with raising and providing for our children, taking care of the house and accomplishing various tasks.  We provide each other with encouragement and love by helping each other see their potential, accepting each other as we are, believing in each others abilities and ultimately loving each other unconditionally and we respect each other.

My relationship with my children is positive because even though they are still young, they give to me even though they don’t realize it, just as much as I give to them.  We provide each other with unconditional love and respect (they respect me as mom and I respect them as humans with their own identities—although they are still developing their own identities); help— I help them find their strengths and develop their weaknesses into strengths and I teach them things they don’t already know or understand; encouragement and support —I always tell them they can do anything they put their minds to and that nothing is out of reach if they trust God.   I support them in all that they do, even if it is simply to cheer them  on and they support and encourage me when they tell me that I’m “the best mom in the world”, when they give me really big hugs and tell me they love me.  Small actions to some, but really big and meaningful to me; with these simple acts, I am encouraged to continue being the kind of mom that I am and to work hard to be even better!

All of these relationships I discussed are positive, but even with that they are not perfect and they require work (from both ends) so that they can continue to be positive.   Like any relationship there will be challenges, we won’t (and don’t) always agree and/or understand each other which obviously can cause some conflict or discord, but the important thing is that we realize that each person is a separate individual and are allowed to have their own thoughts, likes/dislikes, interests, opinions and so on and so on.  I have learned that respect, honesty and communication are key factors to maintaining these positive relationships and these very same key factors certainly go a long way.  I believe that a special characteristic that each one of these relationships share is there give and take component.  I absolutely believe that, “it takes two to tango” and in any relationship if there is to be a partnership, both parties have to give a little and obviously take a little.

My experiences in my relationships I believe will prove to be effective in my professional experience as an early childhood (EC) professional because in working with children and families and even co-workers, it is necessary to be respectful of the various opinions, beliefs and cultures that others have.  It is also necessary to communicate effectively in order to meet the needs of the child, involve families in the child’s care/education and work with other professionals in the field.   Honesty is important because as an EC professional working with individuals who come from various cultures and backgrounds, I must realize any biases that I may have and address those biases.  Also through honesty, as an EC professional I will be able to constantly grow and improve my practices when it’s deemed necessary—there is nothing wrong with a person admitting that they don’t know everything and that they need help/improvement.


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  1. Anika,
    I truly am inspired by your blog post. How true it is that there is nothing wrong with admitting and we all need/have to improve on some aspects of ourselves. I know I do and I can admit to that. It is true that all relationships give and take from one another. In all relationships, communication is key and in the early childhood field; it is one key element in breaking barriers. Thank you for sharing.

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