Childhood Stressors

I personally have been blessed in that growing up I have not experienced any stressors such as war, poverty, racism, natural disaster, etc; however I know that this is not the case for many young children in our country and other countries for that matter.

As I researched the topic I was interested to see how children in countries that are in war zones, or children who see violence on a daily basis deal with these stressors.  I read about children in Afghanistan, more specifically young girls in Afghanistan, and for many of these young girls, they walk out of their homes into a war zone.  To add to that stressor, many of them experience violence simply because they are attempting to get an education; gender discrimination and violence, in some cases, are unfortunately norms.  These young girls experience abuse from their family members and some of them have to worry about whether or not they will be attacked on their way to school and/or during school.  According to an article I read from CNN, some of the young girls have been attacked by having acid thrown in their faces and some even have had their drinks poisoned.  Many of these young girls have died in attacks on their schools and many of them, once married, are forced to drop out of school (Torgan, 2012). These young girls may suffer from physical and emotional abuse. While this is a divided issue in Afghanistan, some individuals and groups actually support young girls getting an education and therefore support efforts to continue educating these young girls.  Advocate groups such as, UNICEF, Save the Children and Oxfam continue to speak out for these young girls and continue to strive to make a difference in the country.

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